50 Things

I do a lot of day-dreaming. I think about things that, had my life been different, I would be or do. They say though (and no, I have no idea who “they” are, but you know) that you can do a lot of things if you just believe them, conceive them, visualize them, and be intentional about not just dreaming about them but really thinking you can do them, then you can. So this list is 50 things that I want to do before I die. They are things that I think I have the talent to actually do, and if I do just one thing, every day toward these things, then maybe, just maybe…

  1. publish a book of short stories
  2. publish a book on the system of educating black children
  3. publish an article in the harvard/yale/stanford law review
  4. publish an article in the american sociological review or american journal of sociology
  5. record an album of music
  6. stage a live performance of my own music
  7. go on tour with a major musician
  8. take a cross country road trip
  9. visit south africa, kenya, senegal, and ethiopia for an extended stay
  10. visit paris, london, madrid on vacation
  11. visit shanghai, beijing, tokyo
  12. visit lana, paul, ava and jacob in australia!
  13. take a yoga retreat to india
  14. become a university president
  15. make a second income off one or both of my current blogs
  16. become competent in some dance tradition
  17. start a portrait drawing business
  18. run a marathon
  19. learn to really swim
  20. complete a triathalon
  21. sell a photograph
  22. jump off a cliff into a clear body of water
  23. become fluent enough in French
  24. grow a garden of vegetables
  25. sew an outfit
  26. knit a pair of socks
  27. attend the Summer Olympics somewhere outside of the U.S.
  28. meet Janet Jackson
  29. attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live
  30. go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  31. do volunteer work in another country for a month
  32. attend a silent retreat
  33. get really good at card tricks
  34. read every novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the fiction category
  35. watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture
  36. adopt a child (a little black boy)
  37. skinny dip
  38. pay for a stranger’s college education
  39. read the bible and quran

So I can only think of 15 39 right now. List to be updated. I got ideas from here, here, and here.

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