tea wisdom

I’ve added a “Yogi Tea Wisdom” widget in my sidebar. I drink Yogi Tea everyday, specifically Nursing Mother’s Tea. It has some herbs that are known to maintain and increase a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply, and has been particularly helpful since my daughter started day care and I have to pump during the day.

But anyway, the makers of Yogi Tea always have a bit of yoga wisdom on the tea bag label, similar to a fortune cookie. Like fortune cookies, sometimes they are dead on about what’s going on in my life, while at other times I’m left saying, “huh?” But this morning, this piece of wisdom was right on time:

Socialize with compassion, kindness and grace.

Tonight, I will be attending my first ladies night out with two of my favorite people on the left coast. We’ll be having dinner and drinks at a cozy restaurant where the atmosphere will remind us of the islands, instead of the rain-soaked weather we are currently experiencing. The wisdom is timely because while I enjoy making new friends, there is a bit of a dance you do as the relationship deepens. How much of your true nature do you reveal, especially those things about you that may not be ideal but are what make you, you?

I am a pretty open person and I find sharing some of my innermost fears, desires and aspirations to be immensely gratifying. It makes me feel closer to the person with whom I’m sharing. I’m also not afraid of debate on issues like politics or philosophy, but some people are rather put off by it. I can also speak before I think, and say some things that come out inappropriate but that sounded perfectly okay in my head.

But everyone is obviously not like me, and my openness and candor may sometimes be too aggressive for more subdued people. So, I am hoping that I will take the tea wisdom to heart this evening by being compassionate about my friends’ boundaries, kind in my discussions of their opinions, and graceful in my conversational skills. I am really excited about tonight, and hope that all goes smoothly.


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